Top fives

Male singers

1: Joe Strummer

2: Johnny Cash

3: Manu Chao

4: Rachid Taha

5: Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen (fight it out boys!)

Things to do in the garden

1: Watch bees

2: Water tomato plants

3: Listen to the radio

4: Potter

5: Plant garlic

Fictional Detectives

1: Sherlock Holmes

2: Lord Peter Wimsey

3: Father Brown

4: Brother Cadfael

5: Hercule Poirot

Fights I’d like to see – even though I’m a pacifist.

1: George Bush vs a zombie alligator (not a specific zombie alligator, any one will do)

2: He Man vs The whole of Rage Against the Machine

3: Samson (out of the Bible) vs Optimus Prime (out of Transformers)

4: A posse of cowboys vs A gang of traffic wardens (no guns allowed)

5: The Scarlet Pimpernel vs Zorro

Dance music acts

1: Prodigy

2: Gotan Project

3: Massive Attack

4: Leftfield

5: Thievery Corporation

Authors (fiction)

1: Graham Greene

2: GK Chesterton

3: William Gibson

4: Terry Pratchett

5: Bernard Cornwell


1: Navel Orange

2: Strawberry

3: Nectarine

4: Plum

5: Satsuma

Shades of green

1: Wet grass

2: Potatoe leaves

3: Hilary Benn

4: Prescription sheets

5: sort of medium light green.


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