Blogging WOMAD – Nouvelle Vague

Being French has certain advantages – culturally speaking at least. And the musical collective Nouvelle Vague know how to exploit them to their full.

The tradition of the French chanteuse is a wonderful edge to have when it comes to re-interpreting or even reconceiving punk and new wave standards such as Guns of Brixton, Making Plans For Nigel or God Save The Queen.

Add to that a certain artful whimsy that seems to come naturally to our French cousins and you have a hour of brilliant music on your hands.

Definitely one of the highlights of the festival so far, the band actually comprise a core of two musicans, with a further two band members and a pool of female singers from which they have drawn liberally over the years.

For the life of me, I cant tell you which two girls were singing today, but they were excellent – of course.

One thing I cant understand though, is why nobody seems to get the French pronounciation of Vague – its got a flat (northern) ‘a’ like bag, not the kind of ‘a’ you find in cake. Get it right people, this is supposed to be a multi cultural experience!


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