Blogging WOMAD: Is Angelique Kidjo the new Mama Africa?

It’s been a day for superlative introductions, but could this one stick? The original title of course belonged to Miriam Makeba, but with her passing comes the opportunity to hand on the title to another, and that could well be the tour de force that is Angelique Kidjo.

She commands the stage and the crowd with natural grace, and her powerful vocals, certainly make her a strong candidate for the crown. Certainly you’d be hard pushed to find another candidate as well qualified.

Her delivery is flawless and strong without being strident, powerful but never overpowering, which again reminds me of Miriam Makeba.

But then again she is very clearly her own woman, and any comparison, no matter how flattering is unworthy, Angelique Kidjo deserves to be taken on her own merits, and backed by a strong and solid four piece band she demonstrates plenty of merit.

Angelique Kidjo is no new kid on the block, she has earned her place in the pantheon of world music greats, and her performance here at WOMAD has shown exactly how.


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