Blogging WOMAD: Sunday has arrived

Sunday is the final day of the WOMAD weekend, and the perennial challenge when you have had a mass of incredible artists play already is how to follow them.

The answer apparently – is to deliver yet more incredible artists. Today’s offering includes a handful of artists who have already played this weekend, including Dobet Gnahore, Lepisto and Lehti, and Rango who will play the final hour in the main Siam Tent. There’s also Gilzene and the Blue Light Mento Band, who are playing a kind of music which came before Reggae, I missed them yesterday, so I’m looking forward to catching them today.

Perhaps the biggest ‘name’ to play today are the Afro Celt Sound System, who will put on a great show I’m sure, although sadly I’ll be gone before they come on. Imelda May, Gil Scott Heron, and Rolf Harris are among the many other acts which will grace the stages, but that’s enough for me, I’m off to listen to The Sounds of West Africa.


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