Totally Devoted/ New Monasticism UK

My book, Totally Devoted (aka New Monasticism UK) is available for pre-order on Amazon, colour me excited!

Seems like they didnt get the memo concerning the name change, but hey ho, this thing seems more real all of a sudden. Perfect Christmas gift don’t y’know. One of my friends told me recently that it was ‘informing as well as inspiring’ – well he is my friend, and he did get an early sneak peak, so he couldnt very well say he hated it 🙂 You can find out for yourself soon!!


4 thoughts on “Totally Devoted/ New Monasticism UK

  1. I just… can’t help… thinking of the song from Grease… Sorry. My big sister was brought up in the eighties and made me watch endless musical films so there’s really no cure.

    “But now! There’s nowhere to hide since you pushed ma’ love aside… aaaaaaalll night in my bed, totally devoted to youououououououo! Totally devoted to you-ou-ou-ou-ou….”

  2. what a cheek! – well alright there may be a little cheeky pop culture reference there, it seems appropriate some how, cos I’m totally devoted….. to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (Well not you personally, no offence mate.) Please dont tell anyone else, I think I might have got away with it.

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