Wild swimming

back again from our all to short hols – we had a happy, if rather wet few days in thePeak district, yurting it up baby. And let’s be honest, when you’re already wet, you may as well get wetter, so this seemed like a good opportunity to put Kel’s ‘Wild Swimming’ book to good use.

It really is a good book, if you dont have it, I recommend it. It details a load of wild swimming sites around the UK, one of which is the Mermaid’s pool, high up on the moors, not too far from Buxton.

That part of the world is not exactly renowned for being tropical, and the day we went to the Mermaid’s pool wasnt the warmest day of the year – sigh. So it was only me and the littlest member of the family who were up for a dip, and I was keeping my teeshirt on.

I carried said little person into the pool, only to find that under my feet was a soggy mass of sphagnum moss, which had me sinking like a lift carrying said child into the dark water. She exited the vicinity with some rapidity, I meanwhile attempted a step further into the pool – only to find that the sphagnum moss ended and a empty void loomed, with only icy water to hold me. Splosh.

Good fun, wish it had been a tidgy bit warmer.

I understand the television is showing a programme about wild swimming – pah. TV is for suckers. The mermaids pool is where the rubber hits the road folks… although next time we’ll probably go for something where the water is a bit clearer 🙂


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