New Monasticism – but not as you know it

Quite by chance this morning, I stumbled upon a quite extraordinary site called ‘Monkrock‘ – I dont know whether to encourage you to visit it out of curiosity or not, but just to give you an idea of what’s on there, I am sure they won’t mind me ‘promoting’ one of their ‘New Monastic starter kits’ – this one happens to be my favourite,  that’s right folks its a….


Get into the Habit! – Franciscan style
Save 15% or more!
A good gift for the feast of St. Francis (Oct. 4)
or feast of Stigmata (Sept.17)

1. St Francis “Stigmata” T-Shirt
2. Small San Damiano Crucifix Necklace
3. “St Francis The Way of the Cross” Pamphlet
4. 3 St Francis Buttons

Price: $20.00

(I’m sure Francis would have thoroughly approved… ahem.)

Stigmata eh… been there, got the tee shirt.


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