New Monastic Gap Year anyone?

Interested in new monasticism? Looking for a Gap Year? Want to combine those interests?

World Horizons have been running gap years for a long time now, and I think its fair to say that their gap year, which combines elements of cross cultural training, leadership development and missiology with a six month long placement, is one of the best ones I have seen.

I personally took a gap year between A-levels and University, and am very glad I did. The impact it had on my life has been huge, and while I know gap years arent for everyone, I do think its a good idea to strongly consider one.

*Note* Gap years are NOT just for 18 year olds, they are ideal as career breaks, sabaticals and for post university too.

Anyhow – this year World Horizons are offering, as one of their gap year placements, something called ‘The Novitiate‘ – which is  a ‘new monastic’ placement.

What does this mean in practise?

It means living in a community setting, in a deprived urban area of the UK, and developing a life whic his about being, more than it is about doing. It means developing a rhythm of prayer and study, of practical work and inevtiably of service. It means visiting other residential communities, and making your own pilgrimages to ‘thin places’. It will doubtless also involve going on Horizons style overland expeditions overseas. And that’s a lot to do in six months.

Full details of the Novitiate placement can be found here, and if you’ve just found yourself in a place where you think you would benefit from taking a gap year, then I would urge you to consider it. Be warned though – if you do, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with me!

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