Teens becoming ‘fake Christians’?

Two good posts here and here about this article – which suggests that many Teens are becoming ‘fake Christians’ following a God who tells them to be nice and not to have sex or take drugs.

There is a real challenge for all of us to move beyond a religion where we’re basically telling people to be middle class, and have solid conservative values, to actually getting down and dirty, and following Jesus.

I believe its fair to suggest that Jesus would not find a happy home in many of our churches, and that is a sad indictment on our corporate Christianity.

The good news is though that the authors say we as parents can do something about it:

…parents who perform one act of radical faith in front of their children convey more than a multitude of sermons and mission trips.

A parent’s radical act of faith could involve something as simple as spending a summer in Bolivia working on an agricultural renewal project or turning down a more lucrative job offer to stay at a struggling church, Dean says.

But it’s not enough to be radical — parents must explain “this is how Christians live,” she says.

Ready then everyone?


2 thoughts on “Teens becoming ‘fake Christians’?

    1. mmm, there’s certainly a disconnect between the things we say/sing and the way we live. Glad the move hasnt stopped the blogging 🙂

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