it’s getting difficult to breath in here

I have the enormous privelige of having a small room to work in – it’s also the guest room, and general repository for things which dont have a more suitable home – Kel’s huge gym ball for instance. It’s a little chaotic at times, but in the main its a great place to work,and I like it very much.

However, its currently getting a bit tricky to breath in here – not only have I got four demi-john’s of country wine plurping away and pumping out massive amounts of carbon dioxide, but I have just bought half a dozen new bulbs of garlic for autumn planting – and they smell really strong.

I suppose that’s just a good reason for me to get on and do some garlic planting really.

In terms of wine by the way, we’ve got two lots of bramble wine, and two of elderberry wine on the go, I’m thinking of going for some rosehip wine too, although I have been put off by the rather disappointing results of rosehip tea…

Oh and while I think to mention it – look out for a review of Emma Cooper’s marvellous ‘The Alternative Kitchen Garden – an A- Z’ coming soon, you can rest assured it’s positive, get an order in for Christmas presents.

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