Parkour club

We have started a parkour club, with the help of the good people from Team Reality – so now every friday night there is a Parkour training session on Nunsthorpe, Grimsby.

The lead trainer is the very talented Neil Hutson, and the sessions are indoors using safe equipment – ideal if you are interested in trying the sport or want to practise your skills.

Sessions cost a whopping 50p… and if you can scrape it together then come along for two hours of top quality Parkour training – an absolute bargain my friend. For time and venue details – contact me.

9 thoughts on “Parkour club

  1. hi! i have a 9year old son who is developing an interest in parkour and would love to get him into training for it so he may practice safely!! can you send me some info pls?
    many thanks
    Annah XX

  2. We are putting together a community directory for Nunsthorpe and the Grange areas could you please let us have venue and times for the above activity.

    Thank you

  3. Hiya what age do u need 2 be 2 join classes plz. My daughter is 4 and addicted to freerunners in town, tries to copy it. but doesnt know how to break the fall yet. If shes old enough could i have details plz like day time and where . thanks

    1. hiya, the club is not currently running, but in any case the instructors are only insured to train youngsters from the age of 8 upwards – sorry about that, four is pretty young to be into it – she must be an amazing kid!

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