It’s a good news/bad news day

Today is a good news/bad news day – on the good news front it seems like my book is likely to arrive today, I got an email from the warehouse yesterday claiming my order has been despatched, which is exciting!

On the bad news front yet another house we were hoping to be able to rent is not going to be available to us, this has happened a number of times, and it gets more frustrating and upsetting each time. It’s getting harder to live in our flat, and also annoying is that our car seems to be getting broken into or damaged most weekends. That is not too demoralising, as its part and parcel of living here – it is just a bit annoying really, but it encourages us to think that we need to find a more permanent/settled base on the estate. Trouble is, each time we think we’ve found one, it turns to dust! At the moment the bad news appears to outweigh the good, although hopefully when the book arrives it should spin the other direction.

Plus it’s raining. Bah humbug.


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