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Although Totally Devoted has now hit the streets – it seems that a few people have had trouble with their Amazon orders – this seems to have been caused either by Amazon not registering the book properly on their system, or else its because they didnt order enough, and they have sold out already. I’d like to believe it is the latter, but its probably the former.

I’m now gagging to write another book, have been for ages, there’s a few ideas which I’ve put out there which I think would make great books. Trouble is I’m now waiting for the publishers to gauge reaction to this one – if the general consensus is that it’s flipping hopeless, then I’m not likely to get another contract, if on the other hand it wins a nobel prize, I probably shall write again.

Anyhow, I’ll let you know how and if things move along… in the meantime I hope those of you with unfulfilled Amazon orders don’t have to wait too long!


2 thoughts on “Books books books

  1. Hi si, i got an email from them that i would get the book by the 9th of this month, I think its cuz they ran out of stock which is a good thing and am very happy for you!!! I cant wait to read it!!

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