Doing our bit for the bumblebees

So I was recently to be found srabbling under the floorboards, amid the foundations of my ‘inlaws’ house, to look at a strange object…

I know it looks like a visitor from another planet, (it’s a bit dark down there) but in fact it’s just another house, but its a house which has been built by bumblebees.

We had seen lots of bumblebees flying in to that space through an air brick during the summer, carrying bits of leaf etc, and now we could see what they were making – it was massive, about the size of an almost spherical dinner plate.  Pretty darn big for a bunch of bumblebees – they dont even have opposable thumbs! And it’s pretty dark down there too, try building something that big with no tools, no thumbs, in the dark.  I doubt I could do it!

I was down there to encourage the aforementioned outlaws not to destroy said invertebrate domicile, although to be honest there was no way of being sure the fluffy little blighters were actually in there doing their hibernation thing, all was quiet on that front.

But I felt virtuous nonetheless, and I hope that the bees are in there, happily protected from wintry blasts, and ready to reproduce and pollinate again next year.


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