not too busy – just busy enough

There’s been plenty to do over the last few days, and I’ve been distracted away from blogging – amazing eh!

We’re beginning to bring things together for the new Pilates business which Kel will be running from November, so if you are looking for a Pilates teacher in Grimsby – Get in touch!!

We’ve also been attempting to make some progress on a new place to live, something I dont want to talk about too much right now… but hopefully we’ll have a new place before too long (please, God!!!)

I’m also looking at starting some ‘introduction to Christian Meditation’ classes in Grimsby, which if nothing else should ensure that I practise more meditation than I do currently.

And of course the Parkour club is going well… on that note I’ve got some outstanding models of playmobil Parkour action to show you, courtesy of a certain young person of my aquaintance…

This guy is attempting a lazy, one of the most fundamental parkour moves. I’m not sure he’s doing it right, but apparently its a problem with his legs…

Here the same guy is heading into a reverse, let’s hope he’s calculated the drop off those battlements eh… Make sure you get your head round and spot your landing pal!

As for this showboater, he’s only gone and attempted the human flag – with one hand!! What a header, and personally I never saw the point of that move anyway, especially not in dungarees… get out of here chum.

We’ve also been spending some time with some good people who have secret plans and clever tricks which involve an old building… very much looking forward to seeing this move forward, and I hope to be able to enlighten you more as we proceed…

Of course that’s not all that’s going on, there’s the usual other stuff, writing, parenting classes, ethical clothing stuff, cycling, and when I can manage it – a bit of gardening too, although that has suffered along with the blogging over the last few days. I guess I should apologise to the earth now…

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