Good post about royalty and land reform

I really like the work Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine does. She is wiser than me, and doesnt shoot her mouth off at the drop of a hat, so when she writes something, it’s usually well worth reading.

She just posted up this article about Royalty, nature, and land reform – three things I hold (inevitably) quite strong opinions on. I am not a fan of the idea of the royal family, although I have nothing against them personally – I dont want to kill them or anything. Anyhow, all that nonsense aside, Maddy puts an interesting perspective on them, one born of a bit more reflection than I am known for giving…

Land reform in this current society is indeed one of THE big questions, and is only likely to become more of an issue as time goes on.  I have not read HRH’s book – ‘Harmony’, nor in all honesty am I likely to, but I’m glad Maddy has, and I trust her to comment upon it with sagacity, worth checking out.


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