An interesting delivery

A couple of weeks ago somebody contacted me from a well known clothing company, he had read my blog post about why I dont buy new clothes.

Clearly this chap and his company, which make fairly high end outdoor wear, has a different perspective on new clothing and its value. So to cut a longer story short, he offered to send me – free of charge – some pieces of their clothing so that I could assess for myself whether I thought that the quality they offer is worth buying new, and spending quite a few quid on. It certainly says something for their self belief that they are willing to open themselves up to scrutiny in this way – they obviously think their clobber is worth buying, I remain to be convinced.

So over the next months and perhaps years, I’ll be posting my own ongoing reviews on these pieces of clothing (trousers, shirt,  & jacket), giving my assessment of their design and general quality. This isnt just going to be cheap publicity for the company in question either,  where I have reservations or questions about the clothing in question I will voice them – the only deal I have made in that regard is that if and when I have negative points to make about the clothing I will let them know first in case its something which they can put right.

Given the punishment I usually give clothing, this should be interesting.  A follow on post, revealing the name of the company in question and initial thoughts about the clothes will follow in the next few days.


4 thoughts on “An interesting delivery

  1. Hmmm. I’m really not trying to tempt anyone to be materialistic, although that may be an unintended consequence… sorry! I’m sure we agree that clothing is a pretty fundamental need… We genuinely believe we should clothe ourselves with stuff that actually does more than fashion nonsense (where buying expensive product is not necessarily a guarantee of quality – although it should be), and thus should last a lot longer and be able to be worn for a lot more uses. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we? The man from the as yet unnamed clothing company…

    1. fear not, the materialistic jibe was a piece of sarcasm – the lowest form of wit, apologies. I dont think there is any real difference between new and second hand stuff when it comes to being attached to material goods, it all depends upon the significance one attaches to them. Arguably the thing I am most attached to is my bicycle, which I bought second hand.

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