The Big Silence

I gave a short talk on Sunday, about meditation. It was supposed to be a practical and encouraging talk for those who might be interested in engaging in meditation as a spiritual discipline, but dont know how to get started.

I ran through a brief outline of some techniques, and explained some of the thinking and spirituality behind meditation in the Christian tradition, and briefly mentioned afterwards that I was thinking of running a group for those who are interested in practising meditation.

I was amazed by the amount of people who came to say they wanted to be part of the group – genuinely amazed!

Then today I watched the iplayer recording of The Big Silence – a new programme in which Abbot Jamison of Worth Abbey takes a group of ordinary people and introduces them to the discipline of Silence, and I began to be reminded that there are lots of people who really want to engage in this kind of spirituality. So I am going to push ahead with offering some free courses, if you are in Grimsby or North East Lincolnshire and want to join a group practising Christian meditation – let me know.


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