Totally Devoted review in ‘a pinch of salt’

Reviews of my book ‘Totally Devoted’ have been a bit slow in coming in, so if you want to make me happy please write a review on your blog, facebook account, or on one of the many websites which sell the book – I’d prefer you to leave a good review, but an honest one will do 🙂

Anyway, I was very pleased to open my copy of the Anarchist magazine ‘a pinch of salt‘ – which I commend to all and any – to read Keith Hebden’s review of the book.

I wont republish it all here, but Keith has been very kind in his comments, saying:

…Cross has an often chatty style of writing that works for an internet genre-ation and is fond of extended quotes, often of several pages. Publishers don’t always like these so it’s great to see both used to good effect. The regular change of voice and pace makes the book very readable. This is also a great book for charismatic evangelicals disillusioned with institutional church but still wanting to journey on in their spirituality and in company.

Totally Devoted acts as an introduction, opportunity for reflection, and – most practically – a brochure of new monastic and religious movements in Britain…. If this book does what it could then we’ll need a second edition for all the ‘new’ New Monasticisms that subsequently appear.

Keith’s comments about my style of writing reflect the fact that I am in essence a tabloid hack – and when it came to being taught to write, it was drummed into me long and hard… ‘make it easy enough for a Sun reader, and not off putting to a Telegraph reader, and most importantly, get every cough and spit down boy, every cough and spit.’

Anyway, if you write reviews for a print or online publication (blogs included) and you want a review copy – let me know. And if you are somebody who likes the book – then please do tell other people, and leave a review somewhere.


8 thoughts on “Totally Devoted review in ‘a pinch of salt’

  1. once i finished it mate i will be blogging about it!!!!Just rereading punk monk to refresh myself and then diving into yours so i get the real meat!!!! 🙂 Cant wait!!! 🙂

    1. oh man, if we have to wait for you to read TWO books, we’ll be here ’til Christmas 😉 Punk Monk is a good book, although I thought Red Moon was better.

  2. lol, oi, i am three quarters the way through it and i started it on monday!!! 😛 and yer going to read that after i have read yours!!! 🙂 and lol, i guessed it will be a veggie option and not meat!!!! lol!!

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