Thank Science it’s Friday


In my attempt to de-religious the content of the blog, this is just a little nod to my many secular humanist blog readers and friends 😛


12 thoughts on “Thank Science it’s Friday

  1. It’s more Thank Culture It’s Friday isn’t it? Science (Nature) determines a lot of things, but that doesn’t include week, weekday names, nor the meaning we ascribe to them (leisure time tomorrow!).

  2. no you nugget, I am talking about the creator of the world, who we usually thank that it is friday – as far as my humanist pals go, its science we have to thank.

  3. Science and Nature are not the same thing. Science is a methodology for investigating physical phenomena through the verification or falsification of hypothesis. Nature is what science investigates. Its a bit like confusing cooking with food (I said a bit like). No A’s in Higher RMPS for either of you to! Secular humanists can thank an inherently incomprehensible singularity.

    1. oh for pity’s sake. Alright then, thank an inherently incomprehensible singularity it’s friday! Never going to try and be nice to people of no religion again. Ever.

  4. > Science and Nature are not the same thing.

    I’m aware of that. My point was (though unlike you, I was too polite to overtly point out Simon’s error) that Simon meant Nature not science, since we can’t thank a methodology for a fact.

  5. > Nature is what science investigates.

    That depends. If you’re alleging that there is some reality out there that science is discovering, then that is a completely unscientific and meaningless (in the verificationist sense) statement.

    If you mean simply that Nature is what we call the body of observations that science has made, then fair enough.

    1. A plague on both your houses! I want a nice easy slogan. I never said nature was science, anyway, so nur nur nu nur nur. It was meant to be a nice uncontroversial comment for science’s sake!

      1. I don’t mind ‘for science’s sake’ as much, since people certainly do things for the sake of the process of science. Having said that, being uncontroversial is almost the exact opposite of the sorts of things one should do for sciences sake….

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