Fela! Original Cast Album review

Can’t get to the Fela! Musical? No, me neither, so I reccomend the following as some small recompense – the Original Cast Album, available from the nice people at Wrasse Records (the same people who have just released the massive Fela box-set.

Fela! has been getting great reviews since the get-go – despite the recent news of an unlikely law suit having the potential to spoil some of the party.

But it was always bound to be a winner, a wonderful tale, colourful characters, amazing music etc etc.

The Cast Album is a great taster of the flavours of Fela on offer, with some dialogue excerpts and some classic Fela Kuti tracks (including Zombie, Water Get No Enemy and Sorrow Tears and Blood) to keep you entertained.  Yes, it is no real replacement for the show itself, but it’s bound to keep you entertained for a while, and if you close your eyes for a moment or two, you could almost believe you were there…

Highly reccomended.

And just as an extra treat…


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