Saying goodbye to GreenJade

I’ve written before about how muchI appreciated having the opportunity to collaborate with the hip hop group GreenJade on the comic book video for their Gunz Down single. I say I collaborated, I was really nothing more than a nodding dog, my artist friend Steve Beckett did all the graft – as usual.

But now GreenJade are calling it a day, after a long spell as a really important force in hip hop. They’ve not had the best of ‘luck’ – becoming the victims of crime, negative media attention and creative tensions within the group at different times during their career, but they’ve put out some great music, and all importantly made a real difference to lives.

For me their best work is still to be found on their original Chronicles album, the one with the green sleeve, I’m sure they’d wish  I would move on, but I still love that album best.

The boys are doing a finale show in December, you can get tickets by clicking the image above, and for a little retrospective of their career, have a look and listen to this…

A bit mournful perhaps, but I think they are entitled to be, as this chapter comes to a close. You can be sure though that the boys will pop up here and there in different ways bringing with them the creative force that always seemed to drive them. Wiz, Wei, Judah, 3rd, Secret – live long and prosper. I’ll be relistening to Chronicles again… all together: ‘One time to die…’


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