The Magi

One of the most intriguing, troubling and exciting aspects of the Christmas story, for me at least, is the journey of the Magi. Reflection on their part in the tale leaves one wondering about the questions of Astrology, Divination, other Religions, and how on earth such an event could have been so easily forgotten by those who must have witnessed it.

I don’t see any reason to consider it a symbolic rather than literal part of the Christmas story, which leaves me with many questions.

Anyhow, in tribute to all who seek something beyond themselves this Christmas, here’s a little panel from a Christmas story strip Steve Beckett and I produced recently, which portrays what I hope you will recognise as a key moment in the story. Its intersting to ponder that the other major character in this part of the story is a genocidal paranoid, who went on to die a vile death brought on by a combination of STDs. Merry Christmas!


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