New Year’s Revolutions

As the new year begins, I am tempted to write out a series of thoughts and resolutions about how this year will be different to years gone by. How I will do more of this, and less of that, how this time life will be really different.

But the more I stop and reflect, the more I recall how every time I have resolved to change my ways at the beginning of a year, the resolutions have dissolved by about April, becoming dissolutions I suppose.

So instead I pledge to spend more time than usual this month in reflection and recollection. To spend time remembering, thinking ahead, prioritising and reprioritising, and then – if it seems right – to resolve.

There are things I am convinced would make my life, and the lives of others better, but these are not suprises to me. They are the same things I have been convinced of for the last number of years.

The need for a more committed discipleship, in myself and in those around me;  the need for a more wholesome rhythm of life; the importance of reintegrating ancient practises into contemporary existence; and of course the need to just do things, even though they may be difficult.

These are, in the main, my new years revolutions, things which come round every year. So my revolutions notwithstanding, I resolve to take January, in the spirit of the WH corporate rhythm, as a prayerful time, with extra reflection and time for inspiration – and perhaps then some new insights into the year ahead. Then, perhaps, I will make some new resolutions which will not be the same old revolutions.


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