new monasticism network

Maybe its the new year, or perhaps just the nagging thought in the back of my mind that there was something I had been meaning to do… but I just got round to joining the online ‘New Monasticism Network‘ which – although perhaps not quite my usual medium – will I am sure prove to be both very interesting and very useful.

If you are interested in new monasticism, want to network with others who are similarly interested, or seeking information about what on earth people mean by ‘new monastic’ (there are a lot of ideas out there) then I reccomend you join in, because in my limited experience of such things, the more people join in, the better it is likely to get.

And as if that wasnt enough, they are even kind enough to publicise my book, and even the rather dodgy video I made for it on my allotment (back when the book went by a different name!!!)

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