January reflections – the first stirring

This January I’m aiming to stir the water, to see what surfaces over the month, before setting out some goals and plans for the year.

As we go along, I’ll blog some of the thoughts that arise from these stirrings, and here’s the first one…

“Let’s poke it with a stick, and see if it moves.”

When I was a kid I took this approach with things I was unsure about, but interested in. I would literally poke them gently with a stick, and see if they moved. If they did they were probably alive, and possibly dangerous, if they didnt move, they were probably dead or just less interesting than I had originally thought.

This approach is often taken in rock pools too: ‘what’s that?’ ‘don’t know, lets poke it with a stick and see if it moves…’

So this is my feeling about some of the grand plans and schemes that abound in my mind. I often scheme things, but dont try them because I’m afraid they will blow up in my face, or worse still, that I’ll get too attached to them and then be let down.

If you poke something with a stick, you havent invested too much of yourself into it, your fingers arent going to get bitten off. But you can tell whether there is (probably) any life there. So that’s my first stirring, I’m going to poke a few things with sticks this year, and see if they move.

Perhaps this sounds a bit vague, but I know what I mean, and if you like me tend to get over invested in ideas and crash and burn a bit when they dont come off, perhaps you could do the same.


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