New Year cycling, spam and music

Well the last few days have seen me back at the pedals, commuting to and from meetings etc in the customary black cycling gear, I reckon that over the winter I probably didnt even touch the bike for about six weeks – no wonder my legs are a tad sore.Three days of cycling, and I’ve almost been bashed twice – the second time by another bike! The Kona travels at such a lick that people seem to misjudge how fast I am going and think they can cut across me. Tsk tsk.

Also back in my life is spam, for some reason it seemed to stop around Christmas time, I’m sure it wasn’t my imagination, the spam genuinely seemed to be much less – but now its well and truly back. Hey ho.

Meanwhile I have been changing my general listening habits, current favourites are the Avalanches ‘Since I left you’ – classic album, can’t believe its nearly a decade old already! Frontier Psychiatrist is still one of my favourite tracks, and the whole album is a work of art.  Manu Chao’s ‘Clandestino’, superb, I can’t imagine Bongo Bong will ever sound old. I found eldest offspring with the track on repeat in the living room the other night, beating seven shades of blue out of a small drum. That’s my girl.

Also on the go is the most recent edition of the Johnny Cash ‘American Recordings’ series – ‘Aint no grave’ – beautiful stuff, that really is a wonderful set of albums. Ska Cubano’s ‘Ay Caramba!’ really seems to capture their live sound, I love it. And finally Tony Allen’s ‘Secret Agent’ – what a great piece of work, contemporary Afrobeat at its brilliant best.

Having said all that, I must now admit that at the moment Kel is away from home, and last night when I went to bed, I put on some Mozart. What on earth has happened to me?


4 thoughts on “New Year cycling, spam and music

  1. Seemingly the spam thing was quite well documented. I heard about it on Today. Something to do with something called the Rustock Bot Net if I remeber rightly.

  2. The cycling thing is another well recorded problem. Its particularly true in the dark as people find it very difficult to estimate the speed of a single light moving towards them as compared to a pair of lights. I spend the whole winter getting cut up something horrible at roundabouts.

    1. right, perhaps you can tell me what the score is regarding flashing and static lights on bikes, I usually set mine to flash for that kind of reason, but somebody told me that’s illegal… do you know?

      1. yes technically it is illegal to fix any flashing light to a bike, thats the reason why somepeople put a steady light on their bike and clip a flashing one to their clothing. That includes flashing red rear lights, these are technically illegal. However noboby seems much worried about that and the police don’t bother. LED lights are also technically illegal, as the law states that the light must be a filament bulb, but also no one worries about that. Just do what you think will make you safest I reckon. I can’t abide a flashing front light personally, I find it very distracting.

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