Looking forward to my weekend

It’s not often that I nip away for a night, but this weekend is going to be a bit special. I’m meeting up with my good friend James, and we’re off to visit a special place.

The Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield, Yorkshire, is an Anglican monastic community, which follows the Benedictine rule. The community are particularly notable historically for a couple of reasons – firstly for their remarkable anti apartheid work in South Africa, and more recently Zimbabwe. Their corporate efforts in Southern Africa have been ongoing for more than a century. If memory serves me well, I believe that community members later had some involvement with Bruce Kenrick, who after being inspired by the East Harlem Protestant Parish went on to form the housing charity Shelter.

And secondly, although very notably from my perspective, they played home for a short time to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, when he was looking at the shape of his own ‘new monastic’ community which later took form at Finkenwalde, which if you read my book ‘Totally Devoted‘ you will of course already know.

So this trip is part pilgrimage, part reunion, part adventure. I’m really looking forward to it.


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