I understand that our political masters have decided to try and replace the ASBO, with a couple of new ideas, in particular the Criminal Behaviour Order.

The main problem with all this – is that ASBO sounds great.

You can call people ‘an ASBO’.

You can talk of ‘ASBOs’ as naughty people.

On our allotment site, there was an allotment which belonged to ‘the ASBOs’. Incidentally one of them set fire to their own shed. They havent been back.

What on earth are we going to say if they bring in this Criminal Behaviour order?I heard one wag suggest ‘CRIMBOs’ – which is seven types of wrong.

Where we live there are lots of ASBOs handed out, I’m amazed I havent got one myself, I’m the only person I know without one.

If you have a good idea for what we can call naughty people, why not leave it in the comments.



3 thoughts on “ASBO RIP?

  1. I would like to pose the radical soloution of arresting people who commit crimes and putting them on trial and leaving people alone who don’t.

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