Better Cotton initiative success in Pakistan

Encouraging reading in the Guardian about sustainable cotton production in Pakistan.

I notice they dont mention water however, and I would be interested to know how levels of water usage have (or havent) changed. One problem with growing the long staple cotton demanded by most retailers, is the level of inputs required, the plants are simply not as hardy or drought resistant as the more ‘robust’ varieties, which tend to yield less commercially attractive fibres.

All that aside however, I still dont see how countries like Pakistan have a real hope of international competition (regardless of the merits of that concept) while the US continues to lash out whopping great subsidies for their cotton farmers. Immensely unjust.

2 thoughts on “Better Cotton initiative success in Pakistan

    1. the subsidy I refer to is for conventional cotton, but it makes it extraordinarily hard for anyone to compete on anything like an level playing field

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