Vote Daredevil Dad in the Dandy

Even if you are not enlightened enough to read the Dandy, there are various reasons why you should vote for Daredevil Dad in the Dandy readers poll.

Some compelling reasons to vote for Daredevil Dad.

1) He is a middle aged man, who has the nerve to dress like Evel Kneivel.

2) He is written and drawn by the comic book legend Steve Beckett.

3) He has rocket powered roller skates.

4) Daredevil dad could take Desperate Dan to the cleaners, and probably would do so via a zip wire elaborately constructed using a washing line.

5) There are simply not enough Daredevil Dads in this world.

So head on over to and vote for Daredevil Dad today, and while you’re out and about on t’internet, head over to Steve Beckett’s blog (  for previews of his amazing work.

Sorry for pasted links, WordPress is mucking me around, and I simply can’t be faffed putting in the html. Too busy voting.


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