For sale: personal carbon offset tokens

I can today announce that I am making available personal carbon offset tokens, for sale at prices to be agreed, for anyone who wishes to offset their environmentally damaging lifestyle.

As a family we live a very green existance, sharing a small flat, cycling everywhere and so on. We eat home grown, organic vegetables and wash our clothes in rain water.

If you want to offset the carbon output of your gas guzzling car, large house or outrageous diet, then why not purchase a personal carbon offset token from us, and let us offset your personal pollution?

You may be an environment destroyer, but now you can pay us to assuage your guilt. Don’t delay, contact us today, we’ll probably be selling the tokens on ebay, but early bids may snag a sale.


5 thoughts on “For sale: personal carbon offset tokens

  1. I am horrified by your pretention! I always thought you were a good dude but no you are just another Eco-sell out. I’m heartbroken. It’s my worst day since Ben and Jerry were bought by unilever, or Dylan played an electric guitar at newport (not that I was alive then, but I feel the pain retrospectively).

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