vote in the Dandy poll – purleeaase!

If you’ve done it already – please do it again. If you havent done it yet, dont forget to do it – if you dont read the dandy and couldnt care less – please dont let that stop you. It’s become personal now – Dare devil dad must win.


3 thoughts on “vote in the Dandy poll – purleeaase!

  1. I hope you are happy. I have now voted for Daredevil Dad in the Dandy poll, but not in my union ballot on the revised pay and working conditions offer for teachers.

    1. There are only so many votes that a man can participate in per week. At least you got the important one. I hope your vote quota clears up for the referendum.

      1. well we lost out on this particular vote – it was rigged officer! Not sure if I will vote in the referendum or not – have you made a choice which way you’ll swing?

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