How did you celebrate yours?

So last friday was officially the worlds most exciting day ever. Around the world, literally loads of people were just really excited, and showed their excitement by watching TV!

Now I am never one to fail to be caught up in a flood of mass hysteria, so I too got really excited. I painted union flags everywhere I could think of, and dressed in a top hat and tails all day long.

I was of course planning to do the most exciting thing I oculd think of, which was to watch the TV, but just at the last minute I discovered a sharp stick, and just couldnt resist poking it into my eyes until I had thoroughly blinded myself.

OK, so I missed the wedding, but surely blinding myself with a sharp stick is just as exciting!?

You may think I am cynical, you may call me negative and sarcastic, but really…

Quite a sweet comment from somebody I know, perhaps not the sharpest tool in the drawer: ‘I watched the wedding, I am an arachist you see… that is what its called isnt it? When you love the Queen?’

So how did you celebrate yours?


4 thoughts on “How did you celebrate yours?

    1. well, that’s because you’ve nothing better to do. You should try the sharp sticks thing – honestly it’s more fun.

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