simon cross – kybernetikos?

yay – the person who searches for this blog using the string ‘simon cross kybernetikos’ is back. It’s been a while. Hope you’re well. Someone also turned up here today looking for ‘kybernetikos pirate’ well that’s fair enough, he is a bit of a pirate. Always has been.


2 thoughts on “simon cross – kybernetikos?

  1. Only in the sense of loving the open sea.

    Also I approve of the free flow of information and the realities of the post-scarcity economy. I think most intellectual property law is insane and anachronistic. That doesn’t mean I regularly break it though.

    To call copying piracy is buying into the narrative that copying is equivalent to theft, rapine and violence on the high seas, when it certainly is not. Unlike physical property, information is not a zero sum game. When you steal something, you deprive the original owner of it, when you copy something, everybody gains.

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