The rapture

Apparently the world as we know and understand it will end tomorrow, around tea time. I’ll be in London, so I may not notice.
Anway, just in case you are a heathen you will be doubtless relieved to know that I wrote my Dylan posts a few days ago, and they will post themselves automatically – that’s assuming wordpress, or indeed the internet arent also raptured.
In any case… see you on the other side.


3 thoughts on “The rapture

  1. You think the internet might be saved?

    Anyway, if you want to join us for a rapture party, feel free to call in at Hertford and say hi.

    1. well it’s hard to say isnt it, clearly the internet has quite a bit of sin in its life, but then again there is evidence of significant virtue. I’m somewhat unclear about relationship with the divine though…

  2. My favourite part of this carry on is the atheist man who has set up a business to look after peoples’ pets when they have been raptured. Apparently they pay in advance and the pets can be returned but the money can’t. Brilliant!

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