all quiet, but only sort of

I havent been blogging – you may have notced. However, sadly that does not mean I have been soaking up the rays of golden sunlight on my allotment, rather I have been working.

I’ve also been planning – I may have mentioned that I am back on twitter – this time by the handle of @numonastic, I’ve also been asked to set up a twitter stream for world horizons, which is up if not running as @whorizons.

In order to avoid the addictive productivity sapping interface whic ensnared and then upset me last time I used twitter, I’ve been beavering away on a suitably productive twitter plan. This involves me writing the majority of my tweets in advance, and scheduling them using twuffer, which is a very good tool. I’ve just written a dozen or so twitter haikus for a start.I will also post random ‘fresh’ tweets when I feel like it.

I’m also planning to take a more planned approach to this blog, which will mean (hopefully) better content… watch this space, but don’t hold your breath.


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