The biggest crime of News International

As Rupert dodges pies and James gurns at cameras, the News International circus has committed it’s greatest ever crime.

While our focus and thoughts have been on Masonic coppers and Tabloid hacks, people surviving in the nearest thing to hell on earth are converging on the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

Women, already robbed, starving, violated and deeply traumatised, are protecting their desperately weak babies from snarling hyenas, armed only with thorny twigs.

It says nothing good about us that we are keener to talk about the things that newspaper journalists have been doing for decades, than we are to engage with the reality of the worst famine in 60-years.

People have been known to talk about famine ‘of Biblical proportions’ – and this is particularly relevant here in the light of the word’s ‘The poor you will always have with you’ – too right. Funny, those words were spoken by a refugee too.

It’s time we stopped the feeding frenzy surrounding Rupert and his rags, and refocussed – if parliament is going to be recalled from its summer recess, let it be about a matter like this.


3 thoughts on “The biggest crime of News International

  1. Or we could talk about both. If we wait until nobody is suffering before we try to improve the way our society works then an awful lot more people would be suffering.

    1. It would be hypocritical of me to disagree – and indeed I dont disagree with that, I am just concerned by the way our entire media focus effectively sidelined the biggest humanitarian crisis for 60 years.

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