The Waterboys – Sweet Dancer

The Waterboys are due to release a new album ‘An Appointment with Mr Yeats‘ in September, and for anyone keen to hear something from it a bit early, here is a special preview track – Sweet Dancer.

It’s a really beautiful track, classic Mike Scott – he really has one of the best voices in pop – unaffected and individual, yet at the same time somehow reminiscent of many of the great voices of the past fifty odd years. The music for Sweet Dancer was written by Freddie Stevenson, a blues/folk singer songwriter with a soft melodic style, who also adds vocals to the track – the only non waterboys contributor to the record.

I really love the Waterboys, I love their music and to be honest I love their style/mythology. I can remember hearing the Glastonbury Song way back when and hearing echoes of my own Christian spirituality in their neo-pagan lyrics.”I just found God where he always was.”

I still think its a great song actually, and have kept my well loved vinyl copy of it.

I suppose anyone reading my posts about music over the last few weeks would get the false impression that I’m mainly interested in the intersection of folk and pop – that wouldn’t be true, my tastes are much broader than that, but I do appreciate decent folk music, such as the recent release Weave and Spin by Lady Maisery, and I really appreciate a great artist like Mike Scott.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, which as you may have guessed from the title is based upon poetry by WB Yeats. It’s apparently been 20 years in the making – which bodes well in my view, best not to rush these things. The songs will already be familiar to anyone who got to the concert tour last year/earlier this year – but I didn’t. 😦



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