Brilliant post about meditation and mysticism

There is a really good article about meditation and mysticism over at Carl McColman’s blog.

It  runs through the importance of mysticism to any expression of Christian faith – at a time when some (most?) elements of the church have yet to wake up to the fact that we ignore the idea of mystical union and the massively important and useful surrounding practises of meditation and contemplation at our very real peril.

For some reason blind eyes continue to be turned towards the ongoing decline in adherence to Christian belief throughout the Western world.

And instead we model a religion which, to many (in the words of this article): “seems to be little more than a highly-funded, complexly-organized campaign against abortion, homosexuality, and extra-marital sex.

Yes this article is mainly about Catholicism, but it directly relates to Christianity as practised across the board these days.

Mysticism is treated with suspicion. Interfaith dialogue is considered at best niche, at worst distinctly dodgy. The idea that our Christian practise”consists not so much in being good as in becoming God…” is anathema to many or most of us. Shame shame shame.

“The Christian of the future will be a mystic, or he/she will not exist” (Karl Rahner).

Great article, go read. Note: Carl McColman’s blog is basically always interesting, well worth bookmarking it, subscribing to the feed or whatever you do while you’re there.

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