George Monbiot declares his earnings

George Monbiot yet again sets himself at the vanguard of public morality by declaring his earnings.

Monbiot says that he believes journalists like other public figures ought to demonstrate what income they receive in order that the public can know who is influencing them. I think this is admirable. In the week that politicians are talking nonsense about journalists being ‘struck off‘ (errr, from what exactly?) this is the kind of bold move which should be encouraged.

It certainly gives me pause for thought, and makes me wonder if religious and faith leaders shouldnt also be doing the same thing.

Check out George’s enviable contract with Penguin, and his salary from the guardian, down the last 7pence right here.

2 thoughts on “George Monbiot declares his earnings

  1. Gotta say that it makes me feel uncomfortable. For a start, I can’t see that he really needs to declare what money he has in savings (and I find it hard to believe that any declaration of interests would ask for this. Do they really go down to the level of money in bank accounts?).
    Seems to me that Monbiot is on a look-at-how-ethical-I-am high horse.

    1. what’s the problem with him declaring his savings? What if he had 2 million squirrelled away as savings, wouldnt that be something that would be useful to know? The point is transparency, and yes he may be on a high horse, but at least he’s making an effort, which in my book is laudable.

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