Rob Bell’s new career in TV

Rob Bell is teaming up with the co-creator of Lost, to bring out a new TV drama series.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite not-a-universaslist recently announced that he was to move on from his job at the Mars Hill mega church, to pursue other aspects of his vocation, this much we knew. One assumed that his move would include more books, more speaking engagements and more ‘being an influential person.’

But I’m not sure any of us guessed it would also include co-writing a TV series with Carlton Cuse, the co-creator of Lost among many other major TV projects. Evidently the two met while Bell was being honoured as one of Time magazine 100 most influential people.

So there you have it, it is official, the American ABC network has bought ‘Stronger’ a drama with spiritual overtones, co written and to be be co-produced by Bell and Cuse. Seemingly there may be a hint of autobiography afoot.

I guess I have slightly mixed feelings about it, but what does that matter, Bell is without a doubt one of the most important figures in world wide Christianity, he has worked hard and demonstrated grit and integrity, I think he can probably be trusted to know what is right for him more than I can. And anyway, perhaps its not so suprising, by the age of 40 Bell could already count musician, pastor, water skiing instructor, author, speaker and youtube sensation on his CV. It may be that this is just the next evolution of his working life. God go with you Rob Bell.

ht: Kurt Willems

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