Let us eat cake!

Northumbrian Farmhouse cakes

If there’s one thing I’m fond of in life it’s cake. Which is why I am hopelessly excited by this mail order cake website, which is run by friends of mine.

My mouth actually started watering just looking at the Northumbrian farmhouse cakes, maybe because I have sampled cakes made by this very  baker on a number of occasions, and they are superb, delicious, scrumptious, close to divine.

And now you can get them on the interweb – so good!

I think this idea works well in so many ways, this is a good product, its a great gift, its not something which will ever go to waste – although waist perhaps… in my case at any rate. 😦

Yes, if you’re looking for a gift to send to a friend or relative, something particularly nice for a special event, or just a delicious treat, I can vouch for these cakes, especially the carrot cake. Mmmmmmmm.

(Seriously, take my advice, get some cake.)


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