Reasons to be cheerful

You may have noticed a slight slow down in posts here recently, part of that is my usual hap hazard binge and purge blogging style, I will write loads for a few weeks and then disappear for another few. Another reason is that I’ve been caught up in a few projects which have taken up the time I would usually spend doing this…

One of those things is the Very Heavy Christmas project, which I and some friends have been working on. It’s essentially a Heavy Metal Carol Service, and I’ve got to tell you, it looks great. We have some fantastic musicians in the band, got a great location, a top notch PA, and if all goes well, we’ll even have a decent crowd! I’m chuffed to be part of this unique event, and if you’re around on the night, please say hi. I’ll be the one wearing a biker jacket, and trying to make it appear as if I wear it every day…. #notanymoreIdont

We’re also moving house at the end of the month, we’re on the same estate, but this place we’re moving to really is a God send, literally. It’s the perfect size and shape for us, and providing the owners dont decide to sell it off in the next couple of years, I hope that many of you will be able to come and visit us there. There’s room for you!

I’ve also been working on a new book, I’ve written a few chapters and some synopsis stuff, and hopefully it is now being shown to a publisher or two, who will make me offers that go beyond my wildest dreams, and allow me to retire early. Ahem.

I have various other things on the go too, however my to do list is now back to one page again from its recent height of two pages long, so I feel glad to be able to post here again. I’ll also be gardening this afternoon, finishing last week’s strawberry migration, and also planting my garlic. Happy days.


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