The three R’s of stillness meditation

I’ve a bit of a stressful day ahead of me, so trying to meditate this morning was difficult – thoughts kept coming to my mind. This is not an uncommon experience for anyone who tries to meditate, at least, not if they are like me.

That’s why its important to learn the three R’s of stillness meditation.

Resist no thought

Retain no thought

Resent no thought

To resist a thought, is to engage in a new layer of thought, rather what you need to do is return to your word or phrase – if you are using a word or phrase, or else just gently choose to ignore it. Allow yourself to flow round the thought, rather than try to wrestle it to the ground.

Equally important, is not retaining a thought. When you meditate, all kinds of marvelous ideas come to mind, ways of solving problems, spiritual insights, etc etc. Often these turn out to be not so marvelous as you first thought, but in any case, the good ones will come back to you. The important thing while meditating is not to hold on to these kind of thoughts, no matter how good they may seem.

And finally resent no thought – I know how easy it is to get fed up with ones own inability to meditate with clarity, but to build up resentment towards the fleet of thoughts which come sailing in is to cause yourself further difficulty. Choose to accept your weakness, rather than resent it, then choose not to hold on to any of the feelings which arise – after all, what they are is another form of thought.



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