3 reasons you must NOT take a day off

Important: You must absolutely not take a day off. To take time off is wrong, surely that’s self evident. But in case it isnt, here are three reasons which will settle your mind for sure.

1) If you take a day off, other people might notice. And if they do, they will think you are lazy, weak, and unproductive. It’s very important that other people don’t think that about you, much more important than you having rest. Any fool knows that what others think matters much more than your mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual health – so don’t give them room to doubt you.

2) If you take a day off, you might start to realise that it’s helpful to have rest as well as work, and once you start doing that, you may end up having other time off – or pacing yourself more effectively through the working week.

3) If you take a day off, you may realise that the world does not stop turning, just because you didn’t do any work today. In fact, the world may seem that bit more beautiful, given that your seeing it with eyes which aren’t totally preoccupied with work matters.

Productivity matters people, being productive is much more important than being healthy and happy. Remember that.

NOTE: This particularly relates to people who work from home, who are obviously skivers anyway.


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