How to boost your creativity

From time to time we all run out of creative steam, and artistic inspiration. Sometimes its a creative block, some times its just weariness.

So when that happens, how do you boost your creativity? Here are nine sure fire ways to do it.

1) Do something you’ve never done before.

If you’re a writer, paint something. If you’re a painter, sing something. If you’re a singer, stitch something. If you’re a stitcher… you get the idea. By doing something out of your usual routine, you open up new neural pathways, and literally expand your mind.

2) Go skateboarding.

I’m not a good skater, but I found that when I had a creative block, getting on a skateboard, or a bike come to that, and just tearing around for a few minutes, was really helpful in clearing my mind. If you’re not a natural skater – or can’t ride a bike, try getting out in the garden and enthusiastically digging for a bit, or do some press ups – anything which will absorb your mind on a physical challenge type task.

3) Take in some high quality creative nourishment.

Go and see an exhibition, go to a gig, read a really good book, watch a film, play a game, let yourself be inspired by other people’s good work, and learn from them. Steal ideas, change them, play with them, make them become your own.

4) Be really poor.

A sure fire way to become creative is to need it, badly. The more you have to be creative, the more you will make yourself become so. Witness the way people make musical instruments from junk because they can’t afford to buy them, the way writers pour out prose because they will starve if they don’t. Look at how people in very poor countries can recycle and reuse almost anything.

5) Be really rich.

The flip side to being poor, is that you are preoccupied with the stuff of life, how to make ends meet, how to feed the kids. In some ways, artistic creativity is the preserve of the idle rich, who can afford to faff about with paints and pencils because they already know food will be on the table tonight.

6) Sit down and shut up.

Taking time out helps the mind replenish its creative juices, and the act of not thinking about a problem or a project can let new inspiration and new solutions flow to the surface.

7) Go out and have a chat.

Bounce ideas off others, listen to their thoughts, explain your problems, and hear how they deal with theirs. Few ideas get worse through being exposed to the thoughts of other creative people, and sometimes they get an awful lot better.

8) Practice, practice, practice.

If you want to be good at anything, you need to keep doing it. The more you do it, the better you will be – so just keep practicing. The same is true of creative thinking, as it is of playing the piano – you need to exercise the creative muscles in your brain, build them up, and to do that you need to ‘be being’ (present continuous) creative.

9) Drink green tea.

No particular reason – but it seems to work for me.


One thought on “How to boost your creativity

  1. Forget writing for a while. Take possession of the world. Name everything you see. Name every color you see. Name every creature you see. Look at old people and imagine how they looked when young. Look at young people and imagine them in old age. Look outward; see new things.

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