The power of belief – new blog series

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about the great power of belief. It’s a subject which continues to intrigue people from a variety of walks of life – from priests to playwrights.

So my plan is to write a short series of blog posts over the next few days about the subject of belief, which will cover the following subjects:

Belief and the believed

Belief and the unbelievable

Belief and the believer

The reason for all this is that I’m of the opinion that belief is utterly fundamental to the way we all live – I am not talking about belief in the supernatural particularly, although for some people that is obviously important. Rather I’m talking about the things we all believe to be real – and base our lives upon, this digs in to politics, and of course economics particularly.

Belief I think is all about the power of ideas, and I am hoping to engage with that notion a little bit, although I expect this stuff will only come alive if some of you interact with me, either here or on facebook, twitter or some other space which we believe to be real.

For your reading pleasure, you can expect the occasional reference to Peter Pan, The X Files, and Terry Pratchett, besides the occasional bit of philosophical nonsense.

So – coming soon, ‘Belief and the believed’ – see you on the other side.


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