I’m not Rhymin’ Simon

Hello there all you Rhymin’ Simoners!

I am not Rhymin’ Simon, no no! Instead I am his much beautifuler, wittier, more intelligent eldest daughter.  As well as all this, I have a blog.

Well, earlier last week my dear old father asked if I wanted him to link my blog in his blog. Of course, this would just be to boring! Give my father my blog address and let him simply link it? No, I shan’t! Instead, I will create a master-mind plan to hijack his blog and tell you all to go to jyothiisstillreal.wordpress.com, the only quality wordpress.com site! If you go to jyothiisstillreal.wordpress.com you will gain great intellectual knowledge, ways to be witty, tips for life and just over-all happiness. Because that’s how I roll.

So, go to jyothiisstillreal.wordpress.com, where I’m posting everyday for the next few weeks and after that 2/3 times a week, which is much better stamina then my dear old father who post about once maybe twice… a year.

Over all, it will be so much better for your life expectancy and make sure that you don’t waste loads of time reading boring posts go to jyothiisstillreal.wordpress.com.




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