logoSimon Cross is the Chaplain of two Oasis Academies in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (UK).  He also facilitates Oasis Church Grimsby, a small gathering of people who meet together regularly on the Academy sites.

Simon is a teacher of meditation and a speaker, as well as a writer, journalist and social activist. He facilitates regular interfaith meetings, and has pioneered numerous initiatives aimed at exploring spirituality and ‘ethical living’.

Simon leads workshops and teaches on a variety of subjects including spiritual development, meditation, progressive theology and social activism.

As a news journalist, Simon’s work was published in almost all of the British daily and Sunday newspapers. He went on to write feature articles for magazines, and in 2010 he wrote Totally Devoted, a challenging exploration of new monasticism in the UK.

His most recent written work is an essay called Alien Nation, which was published in ‘Earthed: Christian Perspectives on Nature Connection’ a book by a group of Forest Church practitioners, which is available here. Totally Devoted is also still widely available.

Simon occasionally has some availability to speak, lead workshops, retreats, and dialogue sessions, and facilitate worship gatherings. For more details, you can contact him the form below.





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  1. Just wanted to say hello to you Simon from another Ammanford Blogger, do you think there are any more?

    Looking forward to having a good look round your blog later tonight, after the school run, evening meal, get em to bed drill…

    Take care and Happy New Year.


  2. Hi Susanne, thanks for your comment – sadly I’m not actually an Ammanford blogger, I live in Llanelli, but I like going there! I think you will find our sites quite different – I’m kind of on the anti consumption tip, which jars a little with the whole internet marketing thing.

    Anyhow, happy reading, and thanks for your comment, cheers,


  3. Hi Again Simon

    Ah Llanelli, know it well and yes Ammanford is good, getting better all the time, I moved here from England in 2001 and have seen a few changes myself.

    I hope you will still visit my blog from time to time as I will yours, I like to visit all kinds of blogs and get ideas sometimes for the other side of my blog, which is not just about Internet marketing.. I have a personal section so I can blog about anything I want there, for instance there is one I wrote towards the end of last year, called “Billy no mates” which you might find fairly amusing.. I also do try and put useful and free things on my blog that might help anyone finding their way around the internet, not just marketers 🙂

    And one last thing, I am in the process of making another entirely different blog, this time using “Blogger” which at the moment is called “South Wales Blog Spot” and although I will of course link to my other blog, I also intend it to be about anything going on in our area AND want to let people advertise for free on there as soon as I get that worked out.

    I will come back and leave you a comment with a link to it when it is more finalised, in case you might be interested in things I find to blog about there or perhaps would like to post about an event.

    Have a good weekend.


    PS – what about that rain storm today, yuck!! thought I was going to get washed away LOL

  4. Simon Cross!
    What a joy it is to have a nosy round on your blog!

    Hope everything’s ok with you, Kel and the girls. Must say I’m missing you Cross’ quite a bit … but the frequent use of your DVDs more…

    Will probably see you at the conference this year. Not sure yet. Or perhaps around prayer month time.

    Catch up with ya soon!

  5. Just to prove I have checked out your blog…. I’m leaving a comment. Also please can I make a guest appearance in your next comic – perhaps as someone who is mistaken for Sidney Bristow and is then uncovered as me? And if so, can my super hero suit be purple – ta….. p.s nice drawing at the top…

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